Chapter 1

Laptop Battery

Do you want your laptop battery to last longer? In addition to following your laptop manufacturer’s recommendations, this article on LifeHacker provides some good advice backed by research.

Prolonging battery lifespan

Fastest Supercomputers

You may be surprised by what the fastest computers in the world are capable of doing. The following website ranks the most powerful supercomputers twice a year and provides details on each. Be sure to click on their most current list for the rankings.

*New (2e): Home Automation Solutions

One of best ways to learn about home automation and available “smart” devices is to visit the websites of “hub” manufacturers. A smart home hub is a device that communicates with various smart devices, even if they are from different companies. Instead of fumbling around with an app for each separate device, the app for the hub can help you control and automate multiple devices from one screen.

Popular smart devices include thermostats (e.g. Nest, Ecobee), light bulbs and switches, security cameras, door locks, and various appliances.

Switching Wireless Providers and SIM Cards

Wireless providers generally do everything they can to keep you on their network. Read this useful article for information on compatibility between wireless providers and the ability (or inability) to keep your phone when switching to another provider.

Switching carriers

The Need for Physical Activity

Many individuals, both at home and at work, spend a dangerous amount of time sitting still. This article describes the medical consequences of prolonged inactivity and offers tips on how to break this bad habit.

Dangers of sitting all day

Travel Apps

When traveling outside of your city, apps that provide maps and driving directions can be an obvious asset. However, there are other apps that provide useful benefits that you may not have tried before:

  • Google Translate – Provides instant translation in dozens of languages. Will translate speech, text, and even photos.
  • TripAdvisor – Offers a large collection of reviews for hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Be sure to check if there is a City Guide available for your particular location, as it can provide guidance without using data from your wireless plan.