Chapter 4

First Website

Want to see the first website ever created? Visit the following website for a link to it, along with some information about the development of the web:

Email or E-mail?

Does “email” need a hyphen? Should you capitalize “web” and “internet?” The answer is not very clear, as it depends on the style manual you are using or the “house style” of the organization you are working for. Many publications have stopped capitalizing it because they feel the internet is a medium of communication much like radio and television. Others capitalize it because it refers to a specific global network and not just any interconnected network. If you are in school, refer to the MLA, Chicago, or APA style manuals for guidelines. Some interesting websites that discuss these issues:

  • Internet – Why the Daily Dot continues to capitalize this word. Includes pro and con arguments.
  • Web and Internet – Why stopped capitalizing them.

Internet Speed Test

If you want to test your connection speed at home (download and upload) or on your mobile device, visit the following website. They also have a mobile app.

Browser Shortcuts

Like operating systems, browsers have many keyboard shortcuts that let you complete a variety of operations very quickly. The following websites list shortcuts that work on Windows and Mac browsers:

Bing Rewards

Did you know that Microsoft offers rewards for using its Bing search engine? If you use Bing regularly, you can easily receive a $5 Amazon gift card each month. Read the Bing Rewards page below for additional information:

Bing Rewards


RSS is a standard used in the online publishing of articles and blog posts. This standard allows individuals, for example, to read from a variety of news sources and blogs in single app such as Feedly. The following website describes RSS and provides a link to the XML file that makes RSS possible:

What is RSS?

Online Slang & Abbreviations

The following website lists the most common abbreviations and also lets you search by letter:

Online slang

Creating a Blog

Want to create your own blog? The following are two popular services that make blogging easy:

Search Engine Tips

Did you know that many search engines can solve math problems, convert units, and provide instant definitions? Google offers tips on the following page:

Google Search Tips