Chapter 5


How much do you know about the company that developed the multi-protocol router and whose equipment handles a vast amount of the Internet’s traffic? Visit the website of the “worldwide leader in networking” to learn more about their products and history:

Repairing Devices

Many cities have small repair shops that offer to fix your computer or mobile device, from replacing a hard drive to fixing a cracked screen. However, if you have a “DIY” (Do It Yourself) personality, you can make most of these repairs on your own. Various websites offer step by step instructions on how to fix or replace almost any part of a mobile device. In addition, they will sell you the parts and special tools needed for the job. The following is a popular website for DIY repair:

Annual Credit Report

It is crucial to check your credit report frequently to ensure that the information is accurate and that you have not fallen victim to identity theft. While there are many services that offer credit monitoring for a fee, federal law allows you to receive one free credit report per year from each of the credit reporting companies. A good strategy is to get one report every four months (there are three credit reporting companies). The official website for requesting these reports is:

*New (2e): Browser Plug-ins and Security

Historically popular browser plugins, such as Adobe Flash Player, are often the source of security risks and slower browser speeds. Read more about the decision to phase these plug-ins out: