Chapter 6

Creative Commons

As you learned from the textbook, a Creative Commons license allows authors to set conditions for the free use and distribution of their work. If you are looking for photos to place on your blog, for example, you can search through millions of free Creative Commons images to find the right one. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and requirements of each license (such as attribution) to make sure you are in compliance.

Privacy and Individual Liberties

There are various non-profit organizations that are dedicated to fighting for privacy rights and individual liberties. Visit their websites to become familiar with the type of issues these organizations fight for:

*New (2e): Selling or Donating Old Devices

What should you do with old computers and electronic devices that you no longer want? Here are some ideas:

  • Trade-in. Best Buy, Amazon, and many other companies will offer store credit or cash for your devices. The only risk with using an online company is that you may have to pay for shipping costs to send your device and, once they receive and inspect it, the amount they pay you may be less than the initial estimate.
  • Donate to charity. Many local charities will accept working computers, monitors, smartphones, etc. as long as they are not too old. Examples: Goodwill, VVA

If your device no longer works, please do not throw it away. There are various options for proper disposal:

  • Recycle. Some local stores will accept electronics for recycling. If you cannot find a store, search the website of your city/county for information on how to recycle old electronics.
  • Sell for parts. This may surprise you, but individuals will often sell broken devices on sites such as eBay. Who buys these broken devices? Most of the time, these are individuals that repair electronics for a living and your broken device likely has many part that they can use to repair other devices!


The world of robotics is growing so quickly that it would be impossible to provide a comprehensive set of links. The following links will help you get started if you are interested in following news on robotics or even building your own:

  • Popular Science – Follow news and developments in the world of robotics.
  • Softbank Robotics – Formerly known as Aldebaran, this company manufactures robots for commercial, educational, and even social companionship uses. They can be programmed to do just about anything, even dancing!
  • Lego Mindstorms – A great way for kids and beginners to build and program their own robot.
  • Arduino – An open-source electronics platform that lets you build almost any gadget you envision. Some of their Arduino kits make it easy to build your own basic robot.


The following links will give you an overview of computer and IT careers, along with current salaries and popular certifications:

  • US Department of Labor –¬†An overview of careers, educational requirements, and salaries based on government data.
  • – Salary and rate charts sorted by job titles.
  • – Job search, advice, and statistics for technology professionals.
  • IT Certification Master – A comprehensive list of all IT certifications. The list can be overwhelming, so speak with your advisor about which certifications are relevant and important to your area of study.