Apple vs FBI – An Important Debate

National security vs. personal privacy. We have been having this conversation for a very long time, especially after 9/11. This debate is again taking center state in a very public battle between Apple and the FBI. It has a been a few weeks since a court ordered Apple to create software that would help the FBI gain access to the phone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple has appealed the court’s order and issued various press releases warning of the long-term consequences if they are required to comply with this order.

The legal battle between Apple and the FBI is quite complex and it is forcing us to discuss a variety of security and privacy issues in today’s connected world. Writing for The Verge, Dieter Bohn makes the following argument in favor of protecting encryption: “Those who have called for breaking of that encryption through a backdoor seem to think that there is some essential difference between a private conversation in person and a private conversation over the internet. I don’t think that there is. And to ask that we threaten this amazing new freedom is to threaten the original freedom.”

Do you agree with this position? Should Apple be required to create new software for the FBI in this situation and, perhaps, future cases? Watch the video above to learn more about this topic and read the article below for a more ethics-focused analysis.

The encryption fight isn’t about Apple, it’s about all of us (from The Verge)

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