About the Author

Ralph De ArazozaRalph De Arazoza is an Associate Professor of Technology at Miami Dade College, where he has been teaching for over 10 years. His areas of specialization include computer concepts, office applications, web development, photo editing, animation, and computer ethics. He has developed several face-to-face and online courses, including an advanced web programming course covering jQuery and mobile website development.

Professor De Arazoza’s teaching philosophy centers on the way students experience and use technology. His energetic lectures instill a passion for technology in his students, encouraging them to explore what this field has to offer. He also serves as the advisor for the MDC Computer Club, whose members hold a variety of technology workshops and compete in various local and state tournaments throughout the year.

When he is not teaching and working with students, Professor De Arazoza prepares and writes content for publishers for various types of products such as test banks, exercises, digital presentations, instructor manuals, and chapter revisions. In his spare time he enjoys collecting (and tasting) wine, science fiction, trivia, and just about any type of comedy.