Cutting the Cord from Cable/Satellite TV

Scissors cutting a cable TV cord

Photo credit: Alyssa & Colin (Flickr)

I recently gave a presentation on this topic at the NCCIA Conference and I wanted to share some of the articles and product/service links that were part of my workshop. Giving up cable or satellite TV can save many individuals over $1000 per year, but it isn’t for everyone. Hopefully, these links will help you decide:

What is “Cutting the Cord” and is it worth it? – Their “Diary of a Cord Cutter in 2015” series is one of the most complete guides I have seen on the subject. Follow this multi-part series of a journalist that went through the process. She will discuss the pros and cons, describe the various streaming services, and compare streaming devices. I strongly recommend this. – An interactive calculator showing the various streaming services, how much they cost, and which channels they offer. – Another calculator that considers your cable/satellite bill and helps you determine how much (if anything) you will save.

Streaming Services

There are other services offered by individual channels, sports leagues, etc., that are aimed at a particular group of viewers.

Streaming Devices

Other devices are available and many Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and blu-ray players have apps for the streaming services built in.

HD Antennas

For individuals that want to watch over-the-air network broadcasts without a monthly fee, all you need is an HD antenna. Outdoor antennas typically work better than indoor ones. For advice on which direction your antenna should face and to see how far the network’s towers are from your home, visit and select the “Click Here to Start” button.

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